Josef & Liz

When Josef Harris met Liz Gardner, they were strictly friends, co-workers at the same magazine in Minneapolis. Yet, when the magazine eventually closed its doors, they opened up to each other and

David Okum / Feltmark

felt • a sensation given by an object or material when touched mark • a level or stage that is considered significant Quietly tucked away in his Lincoln Heights workshop,

Introducing The Platte

The Platte. A brand new style inspired by mid century design–updated for everyday wear. Made in Japan, with subtle details found throughout the design.  

Sisilia & Josh

At David Kind we embrace the age-old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Introducing You’re My Kind, the newest installment on our blog.  We’re asking individuals

Introducing The Moline

The Moline. Our newest style in the collection—and she is beautiful. Chunky acetate styling with a soft-tumbled finish. Made in Japan with exceptional details.

Patented Lens Fitting

How important is measuring pupil distance (PD), or seg height for progressive lenses, or OC height when buying eyeglasses online? The short answer is: EXTREMELY. As any eye doctor will

Ethan Lipsitz / Apliiq

  This installment of Know Your Craft is all about individuality and investing in prolific expression.  Ethan Lipsitz recognized the importance of personal branding years before we were carefully crafting our Instagram

City Sage

@citysage at home wearing Otto in Diamond. Check out her new book, Sage Living, for perfectly appointed home design tips. Repost from @ruemagazine

Tom Explores LA

  Claire from @5everyday and the band Yacht interviews Tom and Derrick of @tom_explores_la. We’ve loved rediscovering Los Angeles through their show.    

The Dover

  Our Dover style is designed to disappear. This minimal frame is crafted in stainless steel and hand finished with a beautiful antiqued patina.

Malibu Farms

A must stop destination at the end of the Malibu Pier (and now at the beginning of the pier too!)

Salk Institute

Diving back into work after a weekend getaway and a tour of the Salk Institute in La Jolla. Stunning concrete, travertine and teak architecture by Louis Kahn overlooking the Pacific.


Excited to introduce the Baldwin, the newest addition to our collection! Designed with just the just the right amount of bold and perfect for both men and women. Finely detailed

Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is one of the hardest working artists we’ve had the pleasure to speak with recently, and her work is an absolute pleasure to view. Lisa’s intricate linework and patterns


We are excited to be in one of our favorite shops, Deus Ex Machina, just down the street from our HQ in Venice! @deuscustoms now stocks a selection of our


Our friends Tom and Derrick recently wrapped up Season 2 of Tom Explores LA. It’s a fascinating episode on the somewhat obscure fate of the Salton Sea. Highly recommended. Watch


  We dig clips. They’re a tried-and-true way to eliminate glare with your prescription eyewear. Carrying both your glasses and your sunnies can be a pain: clips make matters simple.

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