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Andrew Weitz stopped by the studio to catch up on a new project we’re working on and to talk eyewear, of course.  He’s a purposeful collector of eyeglass frames — not the vintage kind, rather, he’s an aficionado of modern and sophisticated pieces.  Currently, he has about 40 frames to keep his look fresh.  Our founder, David, had the chance to sit down with him to chat about how eyewear became an important part of his personal style and to get his thoughts on how he put a few of his looks together from his Instagram feed.

“Andrew Weitz, here.  I’m from Philadelphia originally, but I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 20 years.  I was a talent agent for 12 yrs and worked in entertainment for 18 yrs.  When I became an agent I started wearing suits to the office.  I was really into it and always dressed a little edgier than everyone else, sporting slimmer cut suits,  three piece and double breasted suits, pocket squares, and an occasional pocket watch.  I wanted to differentiate myself and create my own “personal brand,” because I believed it made an impact — and I was right!  It was because of this impact that I started a style consultancy firm for men 2 1/2 years ago called The Weitz Effect.  We work with men who are in fields where their professional image has a direct impact on their success.  Through style, we help increase confidence, business networks, personal relationships, income, career advancement, and most importantly, we focus on how style can directly affect one’s personal life.  

–      The way you present yourself; the clothes, eyeglasses, shoes, etc. that you wear makes a statement about who you are and how you do your business and life.

Eyewear is a big part of my life.  When I was 12 or 13 years old, I got my first pair of glasses.  I remember my best friends’ mom picked me up for school one morning and I was proudly wearing new glasses and she said ‘Are you sure you really need glasses? The more you wear your glasses the worse your eyes are going to get.’  I loved the way the frames looked on me so I just kept wearing them and low and behold, my eye sight got worse!  I wore different eyeglasses throughout my youth and continue to do so today. 

              Eyewear is part of who I am.  It’s my personal brand.  And, I love it!

I currently have a collection of about forty (plus) frames — they’re great frames, whether they’re Oliver Peoples or Thom Browne.  When my collection grows beyond that, I usually donate the ones I don’t wear as often.  I typically get around six new frames, sunglasses or optical glasses, every six months, and I tend to wear them a lot.  When it comes to styling my glasses it depends on what I’m wearing, what mood I’m in, and what the vibe of the day is.  I’m not a ‘one frame guy;’ I like to experiment with many styles.  I like to have fun with it but I’m not one who would wear super red, flashy frames that scream ‘hey I am here!’ I like my frames to be classy, sophisticated, edgy and at times, fashion forward. 

When I find a frame I absolutely love, chances are I don’t make the decision right away.  I come back to it the next day and if I love it again, I’ll buy them.  I wear these David Kind frames, Otto in Diamond, a lot right now because of the clip-ons.  I constantly get compliments on this pair.  The color and style are fantastic.  Here are a few photos from my Instagram where you’ll notice examples of very different eyewear looks that prove changing a frame can be as important as changing your attire.” 

“In and out of meetings? Go for a versatile sunglass clip on bright days.” (frame & clip: David Kind)




“Brown shoes or brown tones? Go with a brown or dark tortoise frame — not black.” (frame: Barton Perreira)




“Go for a bold frame at a black tie event.” (frame: Eyevan)




“Pair a minimal frame shape with a minimal look.” (frame: David Kind)


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