We recently touched based with one of our all time favorite people: the multi talented and always on point Miss Sara Tea. Sara is a consummate trend setter, music maker, and incredibly talented multi-media artist. A glimpse into Sara’s world is insightfully balanced with wit, clarity, and a perfect sense of humor. Enjoy getting to know her better in our interview below.

What do you love about what you do for a living?
That I make my own schedule, work incredibly hard & love seeing the results.  My time off after working on big projects is one of the things I love the most.

How long have you being doing it?
I’ve been freelance for around 10+ years now, often changing how I identify my work from year to year but always working for myself, non profits or small businesses/creators.  I love developing ideas, bringing things to life but most of all connecting with others.

You travel a lot. What place(s) do you go to find inspiration?
I think what I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that nature is my reset button.  It’s interesting as I’ve done a lot of work for places that are all about reconnecting with nature ( but it’s only recently since my health has balanced out that I have been able to spend more time in it.  I find my time outdoors, in silence, by myself even for ten minutes a day is the peace of mind I’ve been looking for a long time.  I’ve been searching for something that is right outside my door.

Do you have an upcoming project you can share with us?
Around 6 weeks ago I moved to a tropical climate & have decided to unplug from city living for awhile. It occurred to me after reading the book about the artist Vali Myers that I decided to accept the part of me prefers to be a bit removed.  As an introvert I worked for many years to put myself out there, and now I realize I need chapters in my life alone.  It was important for me to be close to my family right now but also to focus on my art drawing/painting/sculpture & developing handmade concepts from lighting/housewares etc.  In this next year I will be sharing more of that through the store & online via instagram/twitter ( @sarateashop ) etc.  This year is for outputting more of my imagination manifested into reality.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I would say that I am incredibly shy.  Most people laugh at me when I say this which I find rather dismissive.  I accept my shyness & all sides of me, but I work on a daily/weekly basis to not be removed & retreat back into my shell.

What is your favorite wearable/fashion item?
Accessories are one of my favorite expressions I’m usually a ring & bracelets gal so once I find my pieces I rotate them in & feel satisfied.  Right now it’s a mix of stacked brass/silver rings/fingertip rings & cotton/brass handbraided bracelets.  I love things a bit worn, not too shiny with a bit of history.

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