Kylle Sebree

How we choose to decorate our homes can be considered a reflection of who we are and what we cherish. Custom furniture maker Kylle Sebree recognizes how intimate and impactful furniture can be on our everyday lives. He discovered his passion for making furniture while living in Hawaii, learning to construct pieces on his balmy back patio. After returning to the mainland he began designing and developing furniture and found his vocation. Eight years later, you can find him working out of his charming new studio in Carlsbad–and only with timber found in North America such as White Oak and Walnut. In his studio, Kylle finds joy in problem-solving as he goes about creating what he hopes will become a future heirloom for your home.


“When I can see an object or a piece of furniture in my head, it is usually down to every little detail, so to see that come to life is very rewarding and something that pushes me during the process.”

“We have such an amazing supply of timber in America, so utilizing them first is important to me. I choose materials not just for their color but also for how I can foresee my ability to use the tools and techniques I’ve grown to enjoy.”


Kylle wears the Roman in Rosewood

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