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Earlier this year, PAX Ceramics launched its debut tableware collection, Breakfast Club, with an embedded mission in mind: more joy, fewer things. But don’t be fooled by founder Mia Herron Kantor’s restrained simplicity, as each curve and negative space of each ‘every day’ vessel has been designed with purpose and precision.  In order to achieve the accuracy of her designs, Mia combines newer prototyping methods with traditional  ceramic production techniques.  Utilizing 3D models and mold prototypes, the foundation of the design is executed with exactitude. What then follows is her meticulous human touch. Each piece of stoneware is carefully slipcased, glazed and then airbrushed all by hand. The result is a collection of carafes, cups and vases that reflect an unmistakable influence of the West Coast. Mia’s work pays homage to the Light and Space Movement of the 70’s, featuring graceful gradients that call to mind a California sunset…or sunrise. With corresponding names like horizon, marine and zephyr, the collection’s muted, calming colors evokes our natural surrounding environment here in Southern California. We visited Mia at the PAX Ceramics studio to see what happens when the process of time honored technique meets a minimalist, modern approach.

“I want the pieces to feel really natural and easy to grasp, and you’ll notice there’s a place where your fingers can rest in the middle of my cups, mugs, and bowls.”


“I’m constantly inspired by color — whether visiting a gallery or museum, or spending time in the mountains or at the beach…I feel particularly excited when I discover a new artist whose work plays with form and color in abstract yet structural and sometimes geometric way.”


“I feel that everyday tableware, in the most ideal world, is meant to be both useful while also inspiring a small amount of joy as visual objects.  And when people know there’s a lot of thought and intention that goes into the design and production, it hopefully further deepens that sense of joy.”


Mia wears the Clover in Havana

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