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Client Testimonial: Amy S.
Wears the Oriole in Teak with CR39 single vision lenses

“The glasses came today and I LOVE them! Thanks so much for all your help. They came even faster than I was expecting! I also really like the cork case. I’m excited to be able to go on my trip with the right prescription and also with glasses that I am proud to wear. I didn’t want to leave the house in my old ones anymore. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your company while searching the net and the whole process lived up to every positive review I had seen. Thanks…”

August 21, 2018



Client Testimonial: Jon K.
Wears the Wexler 45 in Red Havana with CR39 single vision lenses

“Just wanted to let you know that my glasses arrived today and they are perfect!
I really like them. Please pass around my thanks! I had a great experience from try on, ordering, to final product!
Thank you for the wonderful customer service!”

March 20, 2018



Client Testimonial: Rob P.
Wears the Richmond in Red Havana and Kodachi Windsor in Palladium with 1.67 Ultra High Index single vision lenses

“I’ve been meaning to reply earlier. I must say that I’ve been absolutely loving the new glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 11 and your glasses are by far the best I’ve worn! The quality and service are so outstanding, I’m not sure what else I could ask for. More glasses perhaps…”

February 5, 2018



Die, Workwear review: David Kind, A New Kind of Luxury



Client Testimonial: Zach V.
Wears the Platte in Teak with Trivex single vision lenses

“I got the glasses yesterday, and I LOVE them. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all your help and guidance throughout the process. Additionally, this is the first pair of glasses I’ve gotten in a long time that I put on and immediately felt comfortable with. It’s been very hard figuring out why my prescription always seem to cause me headaches, or difficult to wear for long periods of time. Your extra time and attention in communicating w/ my eye doctor and relaying my options to me helped me achieve a result I’m absolutely thrilled with on all counts.

Additionally, these are my favorite looking glasses I’ve ever had.

thank you thank you thank you”

August 31, 2017



Client Testimonial: Tamera J.
Wears the Laurel in Morado Tortoise with 1.74 Ultra High Index single vision lenses

“As a long-time, “you’d never catch me in glasses” contact lens wearer, I decided to update my glasses (13 years old and only used between the sink and bed). I remembered you [Ali Edwards] had shared a post on David Kind. So I checked them out & you were so right! Their service was EXCEPTIONAL! I loved the feedback from the Optician/Stylist. I love my glasses now and even wear them on the weekends to give my eyes a rest. Thank you for the recommendation!.”

August 14, 2017



Client Testimonial: Chris H.
Wears the Rhodes in Pine with Trivex single vision lenses

“Just wanted to thank everyone at David Kind who helped me with my first order. Very happy with the Rhodes (Pine)! Quality is excellent, will be ordering again! Thank you.”

July 10, 2017



Client Testimonial: Misti J.
Wears the Presley in Granite with 1.67 single vision lenses

“I received my first pair of David Kind glasses in 2014 and my second pair yesterday (the only reason I needed a second pair was because I lost my first ones, they were still in excellent condition after three years). I must say that I am so happy with this service! The stylists are spot-on with their choices and do a much better job than I do picking out options, even with the colors. I will continue to use David Kind for my eyeglasses and highly recommend it to others. The pricing is comparable to what you would pay at your eye doctor and the personalization is wonderful. Keep up the good work!”

July 7, 2017



Client Testimonial: Dennis H.
Wears the Canton in Pine with Trivex single vision Transitions lenses

“I was an optical wholesale manager for 30 years, and I like what you folks are doing. I thank you….nicely done and I am quite pleased with the specs. On a side note I have already passed on your domain info to three interested friends. I think you will be hearing from them in the near future. Also, you have a new customer in myself… guaranteed. Happy trails…”

April 27, 2017



Eye Glass Donation
Great note to recieve in our inbox today. We love the work they are doing and thanks to our clients, we have more pairs on the way.

Dear David,

New Eyes for the Needy would like to thank you for your generous donation of 16 pairs of glasses.

We appreciate your support of our programs to improve the vision of poor children and adults in the United States and around the world. For over 80 years, New Eyes has been committed to giving clear sight to those most in need by providing a basic pair of eyeglasses.

Please know that your efforts will make a difference in poor people’s lives. Our volunteers will sort and categorize the used glasses to be shipped overseas to impoverished people living in countries such as Haiti, Ghana, Indonesia, and Senegal. These glasses are often the first and only pair of glasses these recipients will ever own! Your donation will improve the lives of the needy – children can succeed in school, adults can find or maintain employment and the elderly can remain independent.

Again, New Eyes thanks you for helping us to help others and we look forward to your continued support!


New Eyes for the Needy

April 18, 2017



Client Testimonial: Nathan P.
Wears the Hartford in Charcoal with Trivex single vision lenses

“Thanks for all your help. I chose the rimless glasses that Sami had selected for me. And I’d like to say that I was skeptical about the accuracy of your PD measurement system and paid my optometrist $35 to release my PD to me (I know that’s a ripoff, but I just got sunglasses there and I know the measurement is spot on). And lo and behold, it was exactly the same as what you guys determined. 64 or 32/32. I’ll stop doubting you now…”

February 17, 2017



Dr. Will Kirby via Twitter

February 15, 2017



Client Testimonial: D. Larson
Wears Hartford in Palladium with Trivex Progressive Transitions lenses.

“Fit & alignment is perfect: which for astigmatism and progressives is tricky – I know from about 20 years of experience!”

April 3, 2016