Every face is different, and that’s a wonderful thing – but it makes fitting eyewear a unique proposition each time. A perfect fit for one person can be a challenge for another! The good news is that we have created solutions, unlike any other online brand.

Our unique home try-on service includes having a real optician look at a photo of you, which allows us to determine if we need to add titanium pad arms and silicon nose pads to ensure proper fit. Your optician makes this judgement call based on unique facial features, your style preferences, and your prescription.

nose pad fit eyeglasses

Without nose pads on our Clover style above, the frame might rest on the cheeks with the eyes sitting too high in the lens. With the nose pads added, it is a perfect fit.

For our clients that benefit from these custom additions, it makes a world of difference. If you’ve had trouble finding a frame you like with a bridge that fits, give us a try. We’d be so happy to help you out.

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