Shelby & Ben

When describing their rapport, big sister (and David Kind photographer) Shelby Goldstein can’t mention her younger brother Ben without using words like laughterfun, smile. Despite an age gap of seven years, Shelby has always felt a special connection to Ben. They are bonded by joy. This year marked a milestone in their family as Ben left Los Angeles for his freshman year at University of Oregon, which just so happens to be Shelby’s Alma Mater.  While he was recently home for the holidays, Shelby shot and shared some much-needed catching up with him in the same neighborhood in Calabasas where they grew up together. The same streets where Ben learned to skate while Shelby looked out for her little brother.




“He’s one of the few people that really gets me.”



“Even though we’re separated by age, we are connected by the heart.”



“From day one, we have always had a strong bond.  I really don’t know what I would do without him.”





Ben wears the Clover.

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