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John Itiola | Performer

John Itiola, also known as Wordsplayed,  is a performer, entertainer and rapper based in San Diego. John Itiola has released three solo albums, and collaborated with Andy Mineo on a

Matt Delarosa | Small Business Owner

Matt Delarosa has built an incredible community surrounding his business, Ironsmith Coffee in Encinitas, CA. Founded in 2015, Ironsmith is the intersection of Matt’s passion and obsession with coffee. Over

Pete Panciera | Designer

We met Pete Panciera through the now online store Lone Flag, which has always been a community hub for creative connections in San Diego. Pete is the owner of Carlsbad-based

Katie Leonard

Katie Leonard has an innate, and studied, ability to draw people together — through beautifully crafted events, conversations and spaces. Her craft, “community building,” is one that seems to be


We met Jason Markow–aka TEKSTartist–through a serendipitous chain of on/offline events in 2017. He picked up a couple pair of glasses and wrote a fantastic article about his experience. We

Merrin Dungey | Actor

Merrin Dungey is the epitome of someone who knows her craft. Just off of one of the most talked about shows on television–HBO’s Big Little Lies–her career has been on hyperdrive.

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