Adjust Your Eyewear – at Home!

Your David Kind glasses will arrive aligned and with precise lenses- thanks to our incredible photo measurement technology that captures exact dimensions. While we offer additional pre-adjustments before dispensing upon request, your frames may stretch and change with wear. But don’t worry – you can make small, simple adjustments to your own glasses to sustain your ideal fit. Follow along below to find a few simple tips from our skilled team to adjust your glasses at home. While these modifications can fix minor misalignments in your frames, our team is always here to help. You can reach out to with any questions. Plus, if your frames need a little more R&R, you can learn more about our Refurbish Program here.

Adjust the nose pads by gently pushing with your thumbs. You’ll be able to move these pads closer together, so that they hug your nose a little closer. If you have a solid frame, adjust the arm of your frames by placing it in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds. This will cause the material to become somewhat pliable – and allow you to achieve a tighter fit behind the ears. This method will work differently depending on the material of your frames. For example, plastic frames or stainless steel are fairly pliable when heated.


Reverse the steps above. Adjust the nose pads by gently spreading them away from your nose – until they fit comfortably. If you have a solid frame, place the frame in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds. Then pull up and away on the arm of the frame to create a more relaxed fit behind the ear. 


     One lens is closer to your eye than the other…

If your left lens is closer in, bend the left arm in and the right arm out at the hinge. If the opposite is true, bend the opposing arms. It is imperative that you make these adjustments at the hinge, and use minimal force. 

      One lens is higher than the other…

If the right or left lens is higher than the other, bend the arm down where it is most adjustable (i.e. at the hinge or at the bend by your ear).




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