The Best Small Glasses for Narrow Faces – Women’s and Men’s

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Great Small Glasses for Narrow Faces

Men and women with a small or narrow face shape require small glasses or narrow eyeglass frames. Fact. We at David Kind understand the problems you face to find stylish glasses that fit and flatter a narrow face. We realize that most of you resort to buying regular frame sizes which constantly slide down your face. Or they look oversized like you are wearing someone else’s glasses. There are benefits to smaller or narrow fitting frames. Higher power prescription lenses in fact look better with smaller frames.

With a smaller fit in mind, we have created an exclusive narrow framed range. In fact, our narrow face frames are believed to be the best designer small eyeglass frames found online for men and women.

The Perfect Fit for Small Eyeglasses Frames

We feel it unfair that men and women with smaller faces end up raiding the childrens’ section of eyeglass shops in order to purchase the right frame fit. Contrarily, kids eyeglasses frames typically have shorter temples than adult sized small glasses frames and are not an ideal choice.  If the arms of the frame are bent too tightly around the ears, you will end up with an unbearable ache behind the ears and deep indents around the nose.

Therefore, although they may appear to look better, they may not actually feel better, hence defeats the objective of the perfect fit. In addition, childrens glasses frames may not offer the style, color and frame material that you, as an adult are hoping for.

Advantages of Small Spectacle Frames

In the past, small framed prescription eyeglasses were all the rage. This was to make glasses lighter to wear as lenses were all made out of glass. Today, while smaller glasses are becoming the trend, they are also vital for higher presciptions. Small eyeglasses frames have small-sized narrow lenses and wider bridge or endpiece widths, so in stronger prescriptions the thickness of the lens is not nearly as noticeable as with a larger frame.  Moreover, it may be worth considering that your presciption lenses are thick because your eyes are not centred in the frame. The better the fit, the better your prescription lenses will look and perform.

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Small Eyeglass Frame Sizing for Adults

You may have found the perfect fit can be hard to find for a smaller face, but you have come to the right place. To find the correct sized eyeglass frame for your face, start by learning the size of your current glasses frame. Read the numbers printed on the inside of the frame. Once you have done this, you can look for frames with a similar size. But how do you know if your current frames fit well?

A proper fit consists of:

  • Eyes centered in the frames.
  • Width of the frame that matches closely to the width of your face.
  • The bridge fitting snugly on your nose.
  • For more info, see this post.

Use this calculation for frame size:

Eye size + Bridge size = Frame Size. Or for example: 47mm +21mm = 68mm

frame fit measurements eyeglass size fit

Very Narrow: 65mm or less

Narrow: 66mm to 67mm

Medium: 68mm to 70mm

Wide: 70mm to 73mm

Very Wide: 74mm or more

Above is a general rule. For men, add 1-2mm, for women subtract 1-2mm


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Sweet Petite – Narrow Fitting Designer Glasses Frames for Women 2018

We have a unique collection of small frames for women with small or narrow faces. Our brand deals a sleek and stylish look. Small David Kind frames for women are popular due to our use of color with a range of modern, feminine styles. As narrow frames are perfect for bringing out the beauty of the wearer’s eyes, opting for frames that match your eye colour is a great idea. With different frame materials from acetate to titanium, and styles from a sexy blue tortoiseshell cat eye to a translucent professional concept. Our gorgeous selection will help add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.


Cool Compact Frames – Narrow Fitting Designer Glasses Frames for Men 2018

David Kind delivers a cool line of compact, designer frames for men with smaller or narrower facial features. Our masculine frame line includes modern metal to bold acetate. Whether you want glasses with arresting frames to create an authoritative impression at work, or glasses with slim arms and noteworthy patterns for weekends. Make a statement with your eyewear in 2018 by adding extra interest to your wardrobe. Perfect refined, narrow framed spectacles for all trendsetters and style mavericks.

wexler 45 small eyeglasses frame david kind

Why Choose David Kind for Small Eyeglass Frames?

Most eyewear companies develop styles that fit the majority of people, and often disregard extra small frame fits. Because of this, you have to make the mid sizes work with your features, even though the frame width, lens size or bridge size is too large.

We often hear frustration from clients reporting that they had not been able to find a pair of eyeglasses that fit properly due to small features. When you have a narrower or smaller face, it is important to find a frame that doesn’t swamp your facial features. Nonetheless, frames must still reflect your style and personality. We advise choosing a frame, shape and color to complement your face shape, complexion, hair and eye color.

Furthermore, most on-line eyeglass companies ‘guesstimate’ the lens fit measurements, but not us… As a high-end eyeglass provider, accuracy is vital in the glasses game. Hence, we offer a unique system to ensure your glasses fit like a glove.

Specs Appeal – Small Frames That Flatter

At last, no more scanning the children’s eyeglass section for glasses that vaguely fit. We don’t believe anyone should have to compromise fashion and style. Click here to order a selection of ultra chic eyeglasses with smaller frames, to try on in the comfort of your own home. We promise that you will see the world in a whole new light. As the song goes; the closer the knit, the tighter the fit…


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