Home try-on: 5 reasons eyeglass wearers love it

Those of us needing correction to our vision are only recently beginning to have real options to buy our glasses. If we weren’t buying them off the shelf at the local optical store, we were taking a wild guess on a pair from a website. Today, we have access to virtual try-on mirrors, 3D virtual try-on face scans, frame selection algorithms, style quizzes, and face shape matching charts.

As helpful as those options can be, they don’t really answer these basic questions. “I think I like that frame, but how will it really look on me in person? How does if feel on my face?”

The solution is simple: Home Try-On.

Zappos, the online shoe retailer, pioneered the concept. Some online optical companies have adopted their versions – and people love it. Here’s why:

1. Feel the frames

Pretty pictures on the computer screen only get you so far when picking out a pair of glasses. They look good, but how do they feel? Where do my eyes fall within the lens? Will they feel good on my nose bridge? With home try-on, you can wear them for an hour with your contacts and take a closer look at how they are made.


2. Shop on your own schedule

When was the last time a retailer let you walk out of the store with a handful of frames to try for a week, without charging you for them first? Before breakfast, after dinner, or at the office; the home try-on shopping experience is on your schedule.


3. No more “buyers remorse”

Remember that pair you bought when your eyes were dilated and the salesperson said they looked great on you … then a week later you realized they really didn’t? With home try-on, ask the opinion of a partner or friend without the in-store pressure of a sales person. Never second guess a purchase of a pair of glasses again.


4. Free shipping, no driving

Customizing a good pair of lenses takes time (be wary of those 1-hour shops), which means it takes a minimum of two trips to a shop to get a new pair of prescriptions: one trip to choose the frame, and a second trip to pick them up. With home try-on, everything arrives at your doorstep.


5. Did we mention free shipping?

The better home try-on programs offer free shipping and returns with no obligation to buy, and generally offer your money back if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Why wouldn’t you give it a try?



At David Kind, we’ve taken the home try-on several steps further and refined the process. Here’s how:

  • Introducing opticians to help with frame & lens selection. Because they work with you during the home try-on process, they are able to make frame adjustments prior to shipping the final pair to you.
  • One selfie away from a perfect fit: before you wrap up your home try-on session, we ask you to take a photo wearing the frames you wish to purchase. From there we can measure your frame-specific PD, Seg, and OC height: it’s so unique and effective, we’ve patented it.


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