How Opticians Are Evolving Eyewear Home Try-On

David Kind opticians have been quietly innovating on the eyewear home try-on platform for the past two years. The company was founded on a premise that it is difficult to select eyeglasses online due to the multitude of subtleties that go into finding the perfect pair. With the help of a real optician, the journey finding a new pair of glasses can be MUCH more enjoyable.

Removing decision fatigue


We make thousands of decisions every day. Shopping for glasses should be fun, but many discerning eyeglass wearers shopping online can result in tiresome experience. Either you find it hard to pick more than a couple of frames for your try-on set–“Stop making me pick so many! Just send the one I want to try!” Or you have a hard time narrowing it down to a handful–“What if there is something better I didn’t pick? How would I know?” In the end you’ve spent an exceptional amount of time, or have given up and settled for the styles you think might work–and you are decision fatigued.

Opticians make it better

After you pick 3 frames, your optician will pick 3 specifically for you.  49% of our clients buy a frame that our opticians chose for them. Which is a significant number considering–in the other 51% of purchases–our opticians likely would have picked one of the frames the client chose as well. Through this system, we’ve proven to double the chance you’ll find a frame you love.

How it works

Over the past two years we have styled and sold thousands of clients eyeglasses. In EVERY instance our opticians enter the following info into our system

  • Information from your photo including facial features, complexion, nose bridge, etc.  We fill out our proprietary fit/feature profile.
    • This provides info for frame size selection, whether or not nose pads are needed, color decisions, etc
  • Rx info provided.
    • This provides info into lens compatibility with the selected frames.
  • Your stylist note and style preferences.
    • This provides info around personal style, intended use, etc
  • The 3 frames you selected.
    • This is very similar to what opticians notice when you walk into a shop and start trying frames on. It provides info into what type of styling and color you are looking for.

We aggregate the feedback you send to us. From your frame fit notes to color feedback–it is all entered into our system. Purchases are strongly weighted, then save for later, and so on.

Then the magic happens

With the above info, your optician is able to fine tune the selections. We know the David Kind eyewear collection intimately and have seen each frame on a multitude of clients. With this information at hand, our expert opticians are able to make decisions based upon experience, and back it up with real data built from doing this many thousands of times.

To take advantage of all of the above, all you need to do is sign up for a home try-on set. It only takes about 10 minutes.




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