Edgar & Glori

Glori and Edgar are an inseparable pair. They create art together, they play together, and they live together in a quintessential Silver Lake apartment just steps away from the chaos of Sunset Junction. Unsurprisingly, they both work in creative fields; Glori in Fashion Marketing and Edgar in videography and photography. When the weekend arrives these two are rarely at home. You’ll run into them at the Flower Mart, the Rose Bowl Flea, the Farmer’s Market, or out to the beach. And today hiking through Elysian Park just before sunset–or as known to photographers: the Golden Hour.



“Glori is an original.”


“The thing that really impressed me was her beautiful spirit, compassion and drive. “


“She just exudes positive energy and elegance. “





Glori wears the Richmond optical frame in Tokyo Tortoise.

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