The Benefits of Investing in Quality Eyewear

We believe that investing in quality eyewear has many benefits, emotionally and environmentally. We also provide a few tips on how to purchase the better quality pair without breaking the bank.

Less Waste is Better for the Environment

By investing in a better quality product, you will be throwing away much less, resulting in less waste.  As we know, less waste is better for the environment! Fast-fashion is very attractive in the beginning, but you will probably find yourself throwing out or tossing the glasses in a drawer because they were uncomfortable, the prescription lenses didn’t feel right or they break! This is a generalization but definitely happens all too often. More info on eyewear and sustainability here.


Frame Longevity

A sign that a company cares about longevity is if they are willing to do repairs or re-lens with your updated prescription over time.  Fast-fashion will want you to keep buying more pairs, while higher quality companies will of course welcome a new purchase, but will still care about your original purchase. David Kind offers a refurbish program that will re-lens the pair that you already love with your new prescription and realign, adjust and tighten them.

Pay Less in the Long Run

You may spend a bit more now, but overtime you will pay less.  Instead of investing in fast fashion, you’ll be purchasing a pair that will last over a longer period of time.  Lower quality will result in paying less but more often, which will probably equal to paying the same or more as a high quality pair.

Tips To Get the Quality Pair

Look for discounts or promos and combine it with your HSA/FSA or out of network reimbursement benefits.  Many companies will do a 10% off discount for new customers.  If the don’t advertise it, ask! These can all help bring the price down.  More info valuable info: How to Hack your Vision plan and Out of Network reimbursement.




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