Why People Switch from Contacts to Glasses

Longtime contact wearers often make the switch to glasses — for many reasons. From comfort to style, contacts regularly get traded out by our clients for handmade frames at David Kind. Interested in replacing your contact lenses? We’ve outlined the top reasons why it might make sense to do so!


Contacts reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your eye — causing dryness, irritation and eye sensitivity. Users frequently make the switch from contacts to glasses to simply give their eyes a break. But keep in mind: there is an adjustment period when converting from contacts to glasses — as contact lenses are placed directly on your eye (as opposed to the space between glasses).


Frames can be a new addition to your look — allowing you to express your personal style or perhaps allow you to be perceived in a new way. Our clients often originally selected contact lenses because they just couldn’t find the right pair of frames. But don’t give up! A great pair is out there for you and our ‘Home Try-On’ experience makes it easier than ever to find. Our Home Try-On experience is how most of our customers prefer to find frames they love. For $20 (to be credited towards any purchases made within 3 months of your try-on), you’ll receive six frames to try on at home for six days. We encourage our customers to consult with your personal optician, friends and family until you find the perfect pair. Learn more about how we’re making trying on glasses better and easier, here.


Contacts must be changed regularly and cared for in a specific manner, which causes the convenience and ease of glasses to be appealing to those that wear contacts. Frames are generally simpler to care for and limit the chances of potential eye infections.

switch to frames for style


Glasses are generally more affordable than contact lenses, over time. If you pick the right pair of frames — and care for them properly —  you won’t need to replace them. At David Kind, our frames are handmade in Japan and Italy by experienced craftsmen with generations of skills using modern techniques and traditional practices. Our frames are crafted from the finest acetate, pure titanium or stainless steel ensuring quality and durability.


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