Freshen Up for Fall

Change is in the air. A shift of seasons might mean you’re looking to freshen up your look or update your current prescription. Treat yourself (and your frames) to a new look at the season ahead with updated prescription lenses and a glistening polish.



At David Kind, we care about the longevity of the frames you already own.  It’s more sustainable, you know you love them and they’ve probably become a part of you.  With this perspective in mind, we’ve created our refurbish program.  You can give your current frames a tune-up by purchasing new lenses. Our experienced opticians will adjust, polish and tighten as needed.


Vision and Prescription

Obtaining a current eyewear prescription at your next eye exam is an essential piece to place your order with David Kind. We ask for a current prescription with doctor’s signature. Your vision can change over a year or years, so staying up to date with regular eye exams is important. We’ve compiled our top tips for how to get the most out of your next eye exam. Check it out online here.


Reuse, Re-lens, Refresh

We understand that you may not always be in the market for a new pair of frames or that you love the pair you already invested in. This is where our refurbish program comes in! If you just need new lenses, we’ll inspect your David Kind frames, tune them up and replace your lenses starting at $145. If you buy an additional pair of glasses from us, we’ll include a free tune-up and cover the entry lens cost to your current David Kind frames. Just enter WITHREFURBISH in the promo code field at checkout or you can purchase new ‘lenses only’ by clicking the link below. 

Questions about our refurbish program – or about updating your frames in general? Our team is always here to help. Email




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