Online Eyewear vs. Brick & Mortar

Online (Fast-Fashion):


  • Convenient
  • Allows you to shop in the comfort of your own home
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast turn around time


  • Most likely will have a customer service rep with minimal optical knowledge
  • Most likely lower quality frames and lenses
  • Risk of frames not fitting correctly
  • Risk of lenses feeling off
    • they typically ask for your pupillary distance measurements, which leaves room for error or an extra step to get it from your doctor
    • they most likely won’t take vertical measurements – will either center or use an average/algorithm

merrin dungey david kind showroomIndependent Brick & Mortar:


  • Work one on one with a knowledgable eyewear technician or optician
  • Typically more detail oriented
  • Clearer understanding of your needs
  • Most likely higher quality materials
  • More likely to obtain accurate lens measurements
    • manually take pupillary distance and vertical height measurement
  • May carry unique brands
  • Easier to get frames adjusted


  • Probably more expensive
  • Usually takes longer to make

David Kind – Online Boutique – Best of Both Worlds

  • Convenient
  • Allows you to shop in the comfort of your own home with try-on set delivery
  • Paired with an optician with great optical knowledge to guide you to the right pair
  • Ability to customize (computer Rx, computer progressive, reading only, etc.) upon request
  • Carries unique line
  • Takes 10-14 working days to make eyewear
  • High quality materials at an honest price
  • Uses patented measurement system (measures pupillary distance and vertical height measurement using a photo of you in the glasses) More info here.


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