Patented Lens Fitting

How important is measuring pupil distance (PD), or seg height for progressive lenses, or OC height when buying eyeglasses online? The short answer is: EXTREMELY. As any eye doctor will tell you, your lenses are only as good as the measurements used to make them. They will also tell you that your progressive lens measurement and OC height are “frame specific”–meaning you need to be wearing the frame to take the measurement. Your optometrist is right.

In general, online companies have cut corners by creating estimates (mostly referred to as algorithms) as to where a frame might fit you on your face. We measure EXACTLY where the frame you chose to purchase fits on your unique facial features. This can vary drastically from person to person depending on where your nose bridge is in relation to your eye location, and so on.

Millimeters make a big difference in optics. Making your lenses correctly will, obviously, make a big difference in how you adapt to your new lenses and the resulting quality of your vision. Today, you can get the quality you’d expect from an optometry office for the first time online via our patented photo measurement process. We’ve fit hundreds of clients using this process with exceptional results.

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