Aleksandra Zee

After years of commuting from San Francisco to her work studio in Oakland, artist Aleksandra Zee has officially said farewell to the city of fog and tech startups and has settled across the bridge. Considering that San Francisco is the most densely populated city in California, it’s no surprise that Oakland has seen a recent migration of creatives, young professionals and new families. With a serendipitous snag of a spacious apartment, Aleksandra and her pup Jack can now literally walk to her woodshop studio. Known for her impeccable simplistic style and eye for detail, she has quickly turned her new home into a dreamy space with a touch that is so very ‘Aleksandra’. Sharing with us a peek into her new pace of life, she’s looking forward to slowing things down and taking it all in. The official motto of Oakland is “Love Life“, and it looks like Aleksandra is taking it to heart.


“Life over on this side of the bridge is so much calmer, I get a chance to take it a bit slower and take things in.”

“From a design point, I love to decorate. I love filling my space with collected special things.”


Aleksandra wears the Richmond in Tokyo Tortoise

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