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To kick off the official start of Summer, we paid a visit to our friends at Bend Goods at their HQ in West Hollywood…did we mention they have a pool? Inside and poolside, the property is dotted with new samples and classic designs, unapologetically colorful and embodying the balance between playful and functional. It comes as no surprise that Gaurav, Bend’s founder, spent many childhood summers vacationing with his family in Palm Springs, a city reputable for its mid-century modern architecture and design. Now in their sixth year, the brand continues to evolve and expand while staying true to their brand principles, especially when it comes to manufacturing. This includes their continued usage of iron–a more responsibly sourced, produced and recyclable material. For the entirety of 2016 the team has an ambitious goal: release a brand new design each month. With this approach, each product, whether a smaller plant stand or grand sized lounge chair, is able to stand out and shine on its own. Which gives us something to look forward to over and over again this year.


“It may sound cliche, but for us the sky truly is the limit. We are a company full of dreamers and extremely hard workers, so there isn’t really a task or vision that seems unobtainable.” Gaurav Nanda, Founder, Designer


“Gaurav and I spend a lot of time brainstorming on how to keep Bend moving forward and developing as an everyday brand.” Eric Stauble, Managing Director



“Who wouldn’t want to be hanging poolside in Palm Springs in the 60’s?  Until we can invent a time machine, we created a brand with the same vibe.” Gaurav with Bend’s very first design, the Lucy Chair.

Eric wears the Platte optical frame in Tiger Eye /  Gaurav wears Richmond in Tokyo Tortoise  with non-prescription glass sun lenses, available via custom order. Contact us to learn more about customizing lenses!

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