Fellow native Angeleno, Lauren Elder, recently invited us into her studio downtown for an early preview as she preps for next month’s group exhibit at the Neutra Museum & Gallery in Silver Lake. To know her work is to know it is complex and varied. She pulls together a mix of materials and “manufacturing” processes like laser cutting and UV printing. Her works reference objects that are familiar but arranged in the abstract. With last year’s unveiling of the Broad Museum–and new galleries popping up all over the city–this is an exciting and exhilarating time to be a artist in Los Angeles. There’s a growing support for artists like Lauren. We take a closer look at the the body of work at her studio and constructions of the past, present and future.


“I’m working on a large body of work that concentrates on symbolic language that are reflected in interior spaces.”


“By constructing a new form through icons we create a new set of information and values.”




Lauren wears the Clover.

Exhibition images courtesy of Artist’s website,

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