Josef & Liz

When Josef Harris met Liz Gardner, they were strictly friends, co-workers at the same magazine in Minneapolis. Yet, when the magazine eventually closed its doors, they opened up to each other and found what seems to be a perfect partnership of creativity and shared sentiment.  It’s only natural that a duo of creative directors finds inspiration everywhere, mapping out meaning in the largest and smallest moments, even in their own loft.  Liz keeps the champagne corks of special occasions they’ve celebrated together, preserving their sense of significance.  They read the same books, leaving notes and questions for the other in the margins.  There’s an undeniable harmony. The credo of their company, Bodega Ltd.  states “The only thing that matters is what you make”.  Definitely something to toast to, perhaps with champagne, over and over again.





“I was constantly nudging her, trying to take care of her in ways I knew how…”


“She creates the most beautiful work and thinks so deeply all day.”


 “She is the perfect example of where hard work and great taste can take someone.”



Liz wears the Richmond in Citrine Quartz and the Baldwin in Blackwood


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