Laura & Kasandra

Don’t be fooled by the Christmas decorations. Holiday season or not, it’s pretty common to have three generations of women present at once in the Baruch household. Kasandra Baruch, the middle child of four sisters and one brother, grew up in this beautiful South Pasadena home, surrounded and supported by creative, expressive and connected women.  As a burgeoning film director and writer, Kasandra is typically content to be the one behind the camera. For this installment of You’re My Kind, her older sister Laura shows us how some things, thankfully, just don’t ever change. In this instance, whether age 13 or 30, Kasandra will always be a piano-playing, tomboy-ish bookworm, and she will always be loved by many.



“Kasandra and I are the closest in age, almost exactly two years apart.  I think that is why we have such a special bond.”


“Our mom has been using sage for as long as I can remember. As we got older she taught Kasandra and I how to use it when there was negative energy in the house, to clear the air.”


“Growing up with three sisters was pretty amazing. We surprisingly all got along most of the time considering that we all had to share one bathroom.”



“She inspires me to follow my dreams and never give up and to work my ass off until I make them happen.”


“In elementary school there was always a Halloween parade and Kasandra really wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (I of course, was the Queen of Hearts). My Mom painted her face like Rafael and she dropped us off at school. Right before the parade, Kasandra came to me crying because all of the boys in her class were dressed up like Ninja Turtles and she was the only girl. She was really embarrassed and didn’t want to be in the parade. I told her she could wear my costume, and she marched in the parade with full-faced ninja turtle make up and a Queen of Hearts Dress.”

Kasandra wears the Richmond in Macchiato

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