Eyewear Care & Maintenance

Eyewear care. How complicated could it be, right? The truth is, it isn’t complicated. But there are a few do’s and don’ts–and plenty of conflicting information online. So to clear things up, here are the answers straight from our opticians:


Can I use something other than a lens cleaning cloth to clean my lenses?

No! At David Kind we use ant-scratch, anti-smudge, and anti-static coatings to make cleaning easier and less frequent. The biggest enemy of the lens is cleaning them with a fabric that “feels soft” but is abrasive, or cleaning them when there is abrasive grit on the lens. Always use a micro fiber cleaning cloth intended to clean lenses.

Can I rinse my glasses with water?

Yes! This is by far the best way to thoroughly clean your glasses at home. Although, to avoid too much water getting into movements like the hinges, you should only do it every few weeks or immediately after a freak cooking accident where the BBQ sauce ends up all over your glasses. How to properly do it:

  1. Under the tap, rinse with warm water (not cold, or hot) for a few seconds. Warm water will help release oils. Get as little water on the hinges as you can. For very dirty frames/lenses, we recommend using a very mild dish soap (i.e. Dawn). Apply to your fingers and rub gently on lenses/frame as you rinse with warm water.
  2. Loosely wrap them in a soft cotton (a nice soft t-shirt works) and pat or press the frames and lenses to absorb most of the water.
  3. Finish by wiping the frames and lenses until clean with a microfiber lens cloth (don’t use paper towel!)

My glasses don’t seem dirty, is there any reason to clean them?

Yes! We all have oils on the skin–with varied ph levels–that end up on the frames and lenses. Sunscreens, soaps, and lotion invariably find their way onto the frame or lens. All of these can do damage to any frame material surface over time. So be sure to rinse your glasses every few weeks as described above.

Lenses are a bit like windows–they take regular maintenance for the best view. And often you don’t notice how badly they needed cleaning, until you clean them, and see the difference.

What causes my glasses to go out of adjustment?

  1. Exposing them to excessive heat for a long period of time. For example, leaving them on the dashboard during that weekend getaway to Palm Springs in August.
  2. The only way to take glasses off with one hand is to stretch them while doing it–unless you grab them by the nose bridge, but who’d do that? Getting into the habit of putting them on, and taking them off, with two hands will greatly extend the time between fit adjustments.
  3. Not investing in quality. The quality of the frame material (Japanese Zyl material being the best) and how the frame is formed during manufacturing makes a difference in how they hold their shape over time. Simply put, poorly made glasses lose their shape quickly–so invest in quality manufacturing that lasts.

What is the # 1 tip for extending the life of my glasses?

If they are not on your face, put them in the case. That’s it!

If you manage to get a scratch on the lens of your David Kind glasses, we have a one year scratch guarantee and would be happy to replace your lenses for free.  Your David Kind frames can be adjusted in our showroom, or by your local optician. We will reimburse you if you are charged. See FAQs  for details.


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