Robert & Janelle

Looking closely at the delicate details and almost feminine features of All Roads‘ textile installations, you’d never imagine their tattooed creators riding motorcycles together across Philly’s Ben Franklin Bridge, throwing caution to the wind.  In fact, it was their shared affinity for working with one’s hands that brought Robert and Janelle together 5 years ago when she apprenticed for him at a vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia.  Before long the two began developing projects together, compelled to combine their skill set of carpentry, welding, sewing and weaving, eventually creating their own textile and creative studio, All Roads.  More often than not, the people we spend the most time with each day are those we work with. If you’re fortunate enough, as in Robert’s case, you get to choose a like-minded spirit. Robert shares with us on this installment of You’re My Kind, a look at his collaborator, his business partner and his best friend, Janelle Pietrzak.


“She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty at all, willing to work long hours on a deadline.”




“We felt like the city was ours to conquer. Feels like since then we been on one hell of an adventure.”



Janelle wears the Otto in Diamond and the Baldwin in Blackwood.

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