Sisilia & Josh

At David Kind we embrace the age-old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Introducing You’re My Kind, the newest installment on our blog.  We’re asking individuals to share an intimate portrayal of someone very near and dear to them–as can only be seen through their eyes.

Los Angeles-based photographer Sisilia Piring shows us how she sees her husband, Josh Rohrer.  Since meeting in 2005, their lives have been inescapably intertwined. First as co-workers, then friends and even as neighbors in the same building.  Sisilia and Josh recently co-founded The Ink Truck, an innovative mobile screen printing business. They currently live in Pasadena with their two adorable little ones.


“Sparks didn’t immediately fly. I was in a relationship then and never saw him more than just a friend.”

“I was looking for an apartment to move into. He told me about a vacancy in his complex which happens to be down the street from one of my best friends. I moved in to that apartment and we became neighbors.”



“We take turns looking after our kids. We try to balance work and family life the best we can.”


Josh wears the Baldwin in Horizon

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