Summer & Patrick / Part Two

We’ve arrived at Part Two of this Portland love story. As you may recall, Summer had answered a Craigslist ad, not knowing her soon-to-be roommate would be her near-future husband. Despite owning the building, Patrick himself was also relatively new to the city. Naturally, these two fell in love with Portland and each other along the way. In doing so, through their work they’ve committed to benefitting and bringing their community together. In addition to co-owning Union/Pine with Summer, Patrick recently launched a new brand, Goodwell, a subscription-oral based dental care company with products that are completely sustainable, with biodegradable materials and recyclable packaging. We’re looking forward to (literally) getting our hands on their toothbrushes!  As we close out this two part installment, Summer shares with us Patrick’s impressive, tireless dedication to his broad body of work.




“He never stops thinking and working…it’s incredibly inspiring.”


“Patrick is constantly inventing. He’s like a curious kid, always taking things apart to see how they work.”



“Goodwell is a brilliant concept with a mission that is so important, and I’m ridiculously proud of him for developing it.”




Patrick wears the Richmond in Red Havana

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