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Dana Harris | Journalist

Everyone has a dream job in mind. For Dana Harris, it’s reporting on the intersection of entertainment and culture. She is a veteran digital journalist based in Los Angeles who’s love

Charlie Edmiston | Artist

Artists are the original, quintessential rebels. Stretching across centuries and funneling through different mediums, whether it be music composition, fashion design, painting or sculpture–rebellion is a driving force for creativity.

Three Eyewear Trends for 2017

MATERIALS, FIT & FASHION Glasses Styles Come Back ‘Round For 2017 Today eyewear trends are a global phenomenon, driven by eyeglasses brands and influencers in art, fashion and design, with

Eyeglass Refurbish Program

REFRESH YOUR FRAMES When you buy a new pair from us, we’ll include a free tune-up to your current David Kind frames. If you have scratched lenses, or a new

Mia Herron Kantor | PAX Ceramics

Earlier this year, PAX Ceramics launched its debut tableware collection, Breakfast Club, with an embedded mission in mind: more joy, fewer things. But don’t be fooled by founder Mia Herron

Eyewear Connoisseur | Andrew Weitz

Andrew Weitz stopped by the studio to catch up on a new project we’re working on and to talk eyewear, of course.  He’s a purposeful collector of eyeglass frames — not


If you’ve been following our Instagram, then you know we are big fans of Black Optical. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to California. On that note, they

10 Year Frame Warranty

We’ve built our reputation by designing and producing industry-leading eyewear. The quality of our work is something we fully stand behind, so we’ve decided to guarantee our frames against defects


We’ve added a few new colorways to two of our favorite styles. A bold Tokyo Tortoise in the Richmond style, and a subtle Matte Black and an elegant Havana to

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