How To Maintain Eyewear — for a longer lifetime

Caring for and properly maintaining your eyewear is the best way to improve the longevity of your frames — and maintaining quality pieces, rather than repeatedly replacing cheaper versions, is a key aspect of sustainability. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the most common pitfalls of lens wearers and our top suggestions to keep your glasses in tip top shape.


1. Protect you lenses from scratches

The best way to extend the life of your glasses is: “If they are not on your face, put them in the case!” While scratches and cracks can happen through accidents and user error, ‘crazing’ is another common problem that ails wearers. Crazing occurs when the actual coating on the lens cracks — causing little swirls or what looks like small micro scratches on the lens. This anomaly can be due to manufacturing defects or from excessive heat, pressure on the lens edges, or even topical beauty creams or sprays. 

At David Kind, we’re proud to offer a one year scratch guarantee. If you do happen to get a scratch on your lenses or notice crazing, we’re happy to replace them for free — either at our showroom or via one of our optical partners.


2. Polish your frames

Scratches on your frames can generally be repaired as well, through an intensive polishing process. While most online eyewear brands do not offer this service, David Kind does — providing an easy and accessible way to refurbish your beautiful, worn frames. While we have a ten year guarantee on our frames against manufacturing defects, we recommend regular care and maintenance to ensure an extended lifetime for your eyewear. 


3. Wash your lenses and frames

We generally recommend that our customers wash their frames every three to four weeks. Cleansing your eyewear is crucial, as your skin’s PH (everyone’s is different and is affected by your natural oil production and skincare routine) can interact with the frame surface and leave a white residue on your frames. It can also damage lenses over time. Just follow these few simple steps below to get crystal clear eyewear. 

  1. Run your frames under warm water (not hot) to remove any excess oils or abrasive material, and then rub them gently with your hands, sans detergent or soap. Warm water will naturally help release the oil on the lenses.
  2. Pat dry using a soft cloth, pressing gently on the frames and lenses to absorb most of the water. No need to rub the surface on this step.
  3. Finish by wiping the frames and lenses until clean with a microfiber lens cloth (not a paper towel). 


4. Invest in thoughtfully made pieces

While caring for your purchases is an essential part of ensuring its longevity, investing in quality products is an important way to extend the lifetime of any piece. David Kind eyewear is crafted by the best manufacturers in Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy — using the most premium materials and exclusive designs. The side effects of a well crafted product, like David Kind eyewear, is that there is less waste in the manufacturing process, as the raw materials are more precious. This sustainable approach to production is important to our team at David Kind, as it ensures a high quality finished product and lessens our brand’s impact on the environment.


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