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At David Kind, we’ve always focused on quality — partnering with the best eyewear manufacturers in Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy and sourcing the most premium materials to bring our exclusive designs to life. While these distinctions might be taken for granted, think about where and how your current eyewear was made. Do you know? Scroll down to learn more about how David Kind is different and for details behind our thoughtful production process. 


1. Unparalleled Relationships

Our founder, David Barton, has been traveling to Japan for the past fifteen years — becoming close personal friends with the owners of the factories we work with. We’ve built our brand through those relationships, which are a valuable resource in our industry, and it shows in our design process.


2. Limited Production Runs

The production runs for each of our styles are extremely limited (sometimes only up to 50 units per style). The chances of running into someone wearing the same frames as you are pretty slim, which is a nice change of pace in a world where direct to consumer brands have flooded the market. Our styles are truly unique and designed for an individual. Our smaller production runs allow us to have more creativity and take more risks than larger brands. 


3. Valuable Optical Knowledge

At David Kind, we employ knowledgeable opticians to make sure your customer service interactions are helpful and informative. Through our patented home try-on experience, we encourage you to work with your own optician to select a pair of David Kind frames that work for you — and after sending us a selfie for your measurements, our team will recommend the best lens for your needs and help you receive that perfect prescription fit. Text, call or email us with any questions you might have! Monday—Friday, 9AM to 6PM PST. 1-800-995-2032,


4. Designs

Each piece in the David Kind collection is designed by our founder, Dave Barton — which is unique in this space. David has worked for the past sixteen years in the eyewear industry for brands like Spy and Oliver Peoples, and now is designing for his own brand. David Kind has an individual perspective and, as a small business, is provided the opportunity to be less merchandise driven. 

5. The Right Fit

While many online brands have thrown best practices for eyewear fitting out the window, we’ve retained an attention to detail.  We measure the pupillary distance by using a photo of you in our frames (the distance between the eyes) and Optical Center (the vertical height for single vision) or Segment Height (the vertical height for progressives).  We take these measurements to ensure that you’ll see clearer and better according to how the frames specifically fit you.


Still have some questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Send us an email at


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