How To Protect Your Eyes from Computer Strain

Over the past few months, we’ve had to adjust to a new normal — which includes working from home and, for many people, means consuming more media via our phones and computer screens. Frequent computer work can put a strain on your eyes, especially if your optometrist did not factor this aspect of your lifestyle into your prescription. Frequent work on our computers, phones and tablets can cause blurred vision and headaches. While it’s still important to take regular breaks while working to protect your eyes, we’ve outlined three ways that can help improve computer eye strain, and make your time working from home a little bit easier.


Wear Blue Light lenses

If you recently had a comprehensive eye exam and you don’t require corrective lenses, you can begin using a pair of customized computer lenses that feature Blue Light Protection. Blue light waves are short, high-energy wavelengths that help you maintain a natural circadian rhythm. Our increased absorption of blue light in recent years, and concerns regarding its effect on our eyesight, have become a popular topic in the news. You can learn more about Blue Light Lenses, and if a separate pair of Blue Light lenses might be the right fit for you, here. If you do wear corrective lenses regularly, for reading and computer work, you can add this coating to help reduce glare and help to diminish the effects of eye strain while you work. 

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Ensure your prescription is up-to-date

Prescriptions for eyewear usually expire within 1-2 years of your eye exam, depending on your state. Many people who require corrective eyewear utilize the same prescription for years, as their vision remains “comfortable” — when in actuality, it may have deteriorated since his or her last exam. It’s also important to receive regular eye exams to ensure the health and wellness of your eyes, as these exams can potentially help to detect diseases and abnormalities early. You can learn more about how to get the most from your next eye exam online here. Regular eye exams also provide an opportunity to engage with your optometrist regarding changing routines and everyday eyewear needs to make adjustments to your prescription. 


Request an adjustment to your prescription  

The most effective way to limit eye strain is to request “Computer Specific Lenses” when receiving your eye exam. As computer screens are commonly positioned about 25 inches away (2-3 feet) from your face, they are located in an intermediate zone of vision than what is accounted for by your distance or reading prescription. Your optometrist must include focal length measurements in your prescription to ensure that your new RX will be the most accurate while you work. A specific prescription adjusted for computer work will provide for the appropriate amount of correction for that distance, different from a Single Vision Lens, Bi-Focal or Progressive Lens. Although, if you already have an existing prescription for progressive lenses, our team is able to calculate what your computer vision RX would need to be — as the necessary measurements are already available to us. You can also request that your lenses be crafted with an Blue Light Filter, as mentioned above, to help further reduce glare and potential strain on your eyes.


Our talented team of opticians are always here to help! If you have questions regarding Computer Glasses, what to request at your next exam, or if your prescription would qualify for Computer Glasses, please reach out to


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