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We’ve always admired Japanese style and design. From sleek and minimal, to playful and bold, Japanese style is defined by a dedication to quality. From the beginning, David Kind has worked closely with our team in Sabae, Japan to source premium materials and ensure the highest craftsmanship is utilized in the production of our eyewear. Over the years, as we’ve built upon our relationships with our team in Sabae, we’ve become further enamored with Japanese culture, fashion and the Japanese way of life. This season, we are pleased to introduce #NihonXpress – a limited edition capsule collection from David Kind. This micro-capsule is handmade in Japan and designed to thrill. 


Originally designed and handcrafted for the Japanese market, our #NihonXpress collection is now available exclusively through David Kind. This limited capsule collection is artisan made and uniquely designed — speaking to the Japanese passion for precision and quality. #NihonXpress includes four timeless styles: NXP1051, NXP1053, NXP1054 and NXP1056. We’ve also hand-selected unique colorways that pair perfectly with the styles and their individual design traits. With hand-polished acetate and genuine rivet hinges, the collection celebrates meticulous details melded with casual handmade comfort that lasts. 


NXP-1056 is the collection’s ‘flagship’ frame and is heavy on detail and high on elegance. Filigree set in acetate makes the arms on the NXP-1056 a focal point, and titanium nose-pads create a beautiful raised browline. Available in Pacific Sand, Black Gold and Black Silver, this style is timeless and a work of art to wear. 


#NihonXpress is intended to capture Japanese minimalism and the polish of a bustling city center. While each frame in the #NihonXpress collection features timeless details and classic shapes, each one is uniquely modern and makes a statement. We love the special details on each pair, which speak to the fine craftsmanship utilized in our production. 


Our #NihonXpress collection is modern, fresh and here for a limited time and quantity. Click here to learn more or and add to your Home Try-On Experience. 



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