Top 5 Eyewear Style Trends for 2021

5 Eyewear Trends To Get You Seeing 2021 in Style

Our goal at David Kind is to always remain timeless with refined, well-made pieces that tell a story of craftsmanship and a love of detail. Our team stays attuned to the trends leading the way in the fashion industry (and beyond), to ensure our classic pieces still feel fresh and tailored to a modern consumer. As we look at 2021, we can see the impact of a year of unprecedented changes and upheavals around the world on style trends and product development. 

Thick Acetates Make a Comeback

For the past few years, the eyewear industry has been dominated by thinner, lighter frames — sometimes mixing acetate and metal in their designs. This year, we’re seeing a shift towards bolder and thicker acetate styles for both sun and optical. Stars like Gywneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston have shown off their stylish, bold frames while quarantining at home and we’re all taking note. As we’ve mentioned in the past though, if you go heavier/bold, look for frames with details like sculpted facets, steps, and textures. With these bold looks, don’t go too oversized. A tailored fit is best. Our Ace, Moline, Baldwin and Oriole are great David Kind styles to achieve this look.

Color Matching

More and more of our clients are looking to color coordinate and to create a sleek and streamlined look from frames to lenses. One way we’re seeing this trend is by pairing frames with a matching light lens tint or “lens wash.” By styling your DK frames in Rose with a gentle pink lens tint, you’ll be seeing the world through rose colored glasses all year long. Another trend for this year is matching your frames to your hair color, which subtly ties your whole look together with minimal effort. 

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Blue Light Lenses

Over the past few months, we’ve had to adjust to a new normal — which includes working from home and, for many people, consuming more media via our phones and computer screens. Blue Light Lenses have become increasingly popular, for both adults and children. While there is no scientific proof behind the protective benefits of blue light lenses outside of sleep pattern normalization and reduced eye strain, we do offer this technology to our clients and encourage each customer to explore the effect it may have on his or her daily life. Especially, during this time when our lifestyle and habits are changing dramatically.

Think Small

All things 90s and retro are having a strong revival right now. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing thin shades, reminiscent of looks seen in the cult classic, The Matrix. Whether cat eye, frameless or rectangle, a thin style is versatile for both optical or sunglasses. While at David Kind we like to stick to timeless styles, our Raleigh Frame is perfect for bringing this trend into your daily life and can transition easily from season to season.

An Unlikely Pairing

As mask usage has become an essential part of our daily lives, we’re excited to see brands innovating in this arena. If you wear your lenses daily (or even just sunglasses), you are likely aware of the struggles masks present when it comes to eyewear. We’ve outlined a few suggestions for how to improve your experience here. But brands like Wires are taking it a step further and creating remedies to a new problem many of us are experiencing. You can check out their masks here, which hang from your frames rather than your ears to prevent fog. 

What’s new for David Kind….

This year, we’re excited to bring a variety of new colorways to our most beloved styles and introduce a brand new frame that is tailored for our petite customers. We’ve always offered a variety of smaller frames for those with narrow faces. But we’ve seen an influx of requests for smaller styles. You can check out Jensen, designed with those customers in mind! 


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