The Jensen: Big design, for smaller faces

Over the years, we’ve become a resource for petite customers and those with narrow face shapes. Whether it’s finding a frame in our existing line that works best for you, customizing a style with nose pads or issuing an adjustment, we’re always here to help you find the right fit for your face shape. After an influx of requests for a frame in the extra small category, we’re excited to introduce The Jensen — designed with our petite customers in mind. 

Small Batch Orders

Most eyewear companies develop styles that fit the mass majority of people.  They produce products in large quantities in order to keep costs down.  This eliminates the opportunity to order frames for more specific demographics. As a smaller brand with years of experience in the eyewear industry, we have the ability to develop products based on our customer’s needs and order in smaller batches. Not only is the frame size important, but so are the lenses. Our unique and patented photo measuring system allows us to get the most accurate measurements for each person. This ensures that your frame and lenses fit you perfectly. The lens measurements are an aspect which can be overlooked when considering a new frame.


The Right Fit

Men and women with a small or narrow face naturally require smaller frames. We understand the problems our customers face to find stylish eyewear that fits and flatters. Petite customers frequently have to compromise by wearing oversized or undersized frames (from the children’s section) that are ill fitting (ie too large, temples too short or too big, etc). It’s important to get a frame that fits you just right.  The ideal fit would be eyes close to center in the frames from left to right and top to bottom.  The better the fit, the better your prescription lenses will look and perform. 


Extra Small Sizes

Our new frame, The Jensen, was specifically based off of customer feedback. Inspired by our beloved Wexler 45 frame, The Jensen is a titanium and acetate frame that offers a versatile and streamlined fit. Our team handpicked color ways for The Jensen and focused on lighter shades to highlight the customers features. The Jensen was designed in California and handmade in Japan, with genuine rivet hinges and a thin acetate front construction. As with all of our frames, we’ve sourced the most premium materials to bring this exclusive design to life.


You can learn more about the best eyewear for narrow faces and how to find and calculate your frame size, online here. If you have questions regarding our narrow eyewear selections, we’re always here to help — email


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