The David Kind Home Try-On Experience

Finding the perfect pair of glasses that suits your personal style is simpler than ever with the David Kind Home Try-On Experience. As many of us are confined to the comfort of our own homes due to the pandemic or just prefer to shop at home, our Home Try-On Experience provides you with a unique and personalized styling session.  Plus, access to our opticians to ensure a perfect fit for your new eyewear. Treat yourself to a pair of David Kind frames, without ever leaving the comfort of your living room.


A Customized Experience

Arriving in a custom, lined box, our home try-on kit allows customers to have a private, fun trial with each handpicked frame. Via our Home Try-On Experience, customers will receive 6 frames to try on at home for 6 days. Consult with friends, family and our opticians (using FaceTime, Zoom or photos). There’s no obligation to buy and every customer receives free shipping both ways. 


You Select 3, We Select 3

In our unique Home Try-On Experience, each customer selects three frames and their optician will select three more.  This selection is based on the response to a style preference form, prescription strength and the optician’s expertise. Incorporating optical support makes the David Kind experience truly unique to the online space. We see tremendous success in the impact of receiving both a personal and a professional opinion in your frame selection. In fact, 50% of our customers select the frames suggested by our opticians. Our in house opticians work with you to ensure your selected frames are the perfect fit — for your face, lifestyle and your prescription. As a small business with a hands-on team, we know our collection like the back of our hand and know which frames are compatible with your prescription.  


Access to Expertise

David Kind opticians are available, via live chat, phone or email, for any questions or concerns you might have. Our team is available to guide each person through the frame and lens selection process. Once you have picked your favorite pair, David Kind just needs a selfie for lens measurements and the prescription.  You can place the order directly online, phone or email. Then send us back the frames using the provided return label. 



Our high-quality eyewear is available in a variety of unique styles — each handmade by the best eyewear manufacturers in Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy. With timeless styles and our patented Home Try-On Experience, we’re making it easier than ever to find a frame that’s right for you. For more information regarding our Home Try-On Experience, or to purchase your own, click here. 


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