Gladys Tamez Millinery

For many people, an accessory is much more than a staple, it’s a statement. Just like a pair of shoes or glasses, you can tell a lot about a person by the hat on their head: where they’re going, where they’ve been, what company they keep. For milliner Gladys Tamez, the foundation and ultimate success of her designs is tapping into her customer’s confidence. Before material, color, shape or trims, comes the client. Walking through her bespoke studio and atelier in Downtown Los Angeles, it’s easy to get inspired and excited by the rows upon rows of wooden molds lining the shelves and hats hanging on the walls. When it comes to accessing traditional methods and particular practices, the millinery world is a somewhat exclusive and secretive one. Luckily, Gladys, who grew up in Reynosa, Mexico, was able to secure training and education from mentors including Louise King and Lilia Marines. Despite her growing success and impressive roster of clients (including devoted customer Lady Gaga), Gladys is adamant on the never-ending practice that millinery requires. In this field, when working with endless variances of shape, form and materials (including beaver, felt velour and Panama straw) she is resolute on pushing herself to develop new techniques.  According to Gladys, you must love with the process as much as the product. We couldn’t agree more.


“My father had quite the hat collection when I was a kid.  I grew up in a bullfighting family and have always been fascinated by the regalia with all its details and symbolism.”

“There are so many fascinating techniques in hat making; it’s something you just never stop learning.  Each material has its own challenges and qualities.”


“I want to push the boundaries, but stay modern. Form is always following function, but it needs an emotional memory and to be evocative.”

Gladys wears the Scarlet in Midnight

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  1. Lisa Davis says:

    I would love to find a pink (Lady Gaga) hat by Gladys Tamez for the Derby – I am going to the Clint Black Fillies & Lillies after party & this would be the hat to wear for the Oaks & this after party. I’m from small town Brenham & have worn lots of fancy hats to the Derby & would really like to know where I can find this one…..very last minute, but I just found this website!

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