How To Wear a Mask With Glasses

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During this unprecedented time, we’ve been asked to make adjustments to our lifestyles —  some that are small and some that are more substantial. As millions in the United States, and more around the world, continue to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we encourage you to wear a mask (and stay home) to limit exposure as much as possible. But you may have noticed…wearing a mask with glasses simultaneously can be difficult —  especially if you wear prescription lenses all day! We’ve outlined a few helpful tips for ameliorating this common problem. 


Adjust the placement

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A quick fix to stop your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask is to layer your materials appropriately. We recommend pulling your mask up a little higher on your nose, and then put on your frames. This process will help diminish the amount of warm air that can reach your lenses, as your frames essentially form a barrier. 


Use soap and water

Another trick is to gently cleanse your glasses with a little soapy water. Wash your lenses with a combination of dish soap and water (we’d recommend a basic dish soap with no added lotions or moisturizers), and then shake off the extra liquid. Let your glasses air dry or gently pat away the excess water. This technique leaves behind a slight film on your lens, that will prevent condensation from accumulating. You can check with your optometrist before trying this method, as some lenses have special coatings that might reduce the effectiveness of this method. Send us a message with any questions at 


Use anti-fog wipes + sprays

There are a variety of commercially produced and very effective anti-fog materials that are designed to be used to clean and prep eyewear. At this time, due to demand, these materials are expensive and may also be less effective on certain coatings, such as anti-glare or anti-smudge. If you continue to have issues with your lenses fogging up, a commercially produced anti-fog wipe or spray might be a worthwhile investment — as masks will likely be a part of our reality for the near future.

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