Patrick & Summer / Part 1

Newlyweds Patrick and Summer Triato met, of all places, via Craigslist.  But let’s be very clear, this wasn’t a Man Seeking Woman or Missed Connections encounter.  Patrick was simply looking for a new tenant to rent the empty space in his large loft building in Portland, Oregon. He chose Summer Killingsworth. After a few fleeting months it was clear they were swiftly moving beyond roommate status. Five years later, Patrick found himself on one knee, proposing to Summer on a tiny wooden boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Aligning with the construction of their togetherness, Patrick and Summer have evolved that very building into Union/Pine, a stunning and skillfully designed event space built out for weddings, flea markets, photoshoots and parties.  In Part One of this serendipitous love story, Patrick invites us inside of what can be considered both a public and private space that he shares with his wife, his business partner and still, his roommate.





“Being married to Summer is simply the best thing. I learn something new every day about myself, her and life in general.”



“People love her TCB approach to life.”



“Summer is really a softie – she’s got a really tough exterior, but once you get past that, she’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever known.”



Summer wears the Raleigh in Citrine Quartz


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