What to Expect With Your New Pair of Glasses

Whether you’ve worn glasses for years or this is your first pair of frames, you’ll likely experience an adjustment period with your new prescription.  This adjustment time can last up to two weeks. But have no fear, as long as your prescription has been tailored to you by your doctor and your frames are fitted properly, your eyes will usually adjust. We’ve outlined our top suggestions to help you ease into your new pair of glasses.


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Get Fitted

Your visual acuity will improve once you put on your new glasses, but you may feel a little discombobulated in the beginning. Some common occurrences are: objects may feel much sharper, you may feel some peripheral distortion or experience a headache.  If the distortion or headaches do not subside within a few days or up to a week, it may be best to go back to your doctor to have the prescription reevaluated or have your frames adjusted by an optician.  This can be quite common especially if it is your first pair or you’ve worn the same prescription for many years.  Also to note, the lens measurements are extremely important and are part of the fitting process.  The pupillary distance (PD) and the vertical height measurements (OC or SEG) are both essential in order for the prescription to perform optimally.  


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Ease into your glasses by initially only wearing them when you are not in motion. Depending on what your prescription is for, doing steady activities such as watching TV, reading, or working on your computer are good ways to adjust to your new lenses. Driving, running or walking can cause you to feel uneasy if you aren’t used to wearing glasses regularly or the prescription has changed. It is best to refrain from these activities until you’ve adjusted. 


Be Conscious of Your Frames

Wearing glasses is a lifestyle adjustment. Be sure to clean them frequently and avoid falling asleep in your frames. Gently cleaning your lenses and frames will help to ensure clear vision and extend the lifetime of your David Kind eyewear.  Also, taking your glasses off with two hands will help preserve the adjustment. We’ve put together a helpful guide with our suggestions for maintaining your eyewear, which you can access here. 


Expect a Change

Some individuals may think if you wear glasses too frequently, one will become dependent on them. But, this is not the case! Your eyes are not becoming dependent on your prescription, but you have become accustomed to seeing more clearly. Expect time to adjust to your new prescription and to wear your glasses consistently to get the most out of your glasses. Also, we recommend not to switch between an old prescription and a newer pair, as your brain needs time to adapt to the new prescription.  Switching between two pairs with different prescriptions can prolong the adjustment period.


If you have any further questions about what to expect with your first pair of frames, or with a new prescription, send us an email! We’d love to hear from you — optician@davidkind.com





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