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Edgar & Glori

Glori and Edgar are an inseparable pair. They create art together, they play together, and they live together in a quintessential Silver Lake apartment just steps away from the chaos of Sunset

Summer & Patrick / Part Two

We’ve arrived at Part Two of this Portland love story. As you may recall, Summer had answered a Craigslist ad, not knowing her soon-to-be roommate would be her near-future husband.

Patrick & Summer / Part 1

Newlyweds Patrick and Summer Triato met, of all places, via Craigslist.  But let’s be very clear, this wasn’t a Man Seeking Woman or Missed Connections encounter.  Patrick was simply looking for a

Shelby & Ben

When describing their rapport, big sister (and David Kind photographer) Shelby Goldstein can’t mention her younger brother Ben without using words like laughter, fun, smile. Despite an age gap of seven years,

Laura & Kasandra

Don’t be fooled by the Christmas decorations. Holiday season or not, it’s pretty common to have three generations of women present at once in the Baruch household. Kasandra Baruch, the middle child of

Robert & Janelle

Looking closely at the delicate details and almost feminine features of All Roads‘ textile installations, you’d never imagine their tattooed creators riding motorcycles together across Philly’s Ben Franklin Bridge, throwing caution

Josef & Liz

When Josef Harris met Liz Gardner, they were strictly friends, co-workers at the same magazine in Minneapolis. Yet, when the magazine eventually closed its doors, they opened up to each other and

Sisilia & Josh

At David Kind we embrace the age-old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Introducing You’re My Kind, the newest installment on our blog.  We’re asking individuals