Shelby & Ben

When describing their rapport, big sister (and David Kind photographer) Shelby Goldstein can’t mention her younger brother Ben without using words like laughter, fun, smile. Despite an age gap of seven years,

Francine Dressler

Fine artist Francine Dressler has been expressing her personal story through creating art since the 1970’s when she emerged into the Los Angeles art scene with her Modigliani-inspired female figures…and

Laura & Kasandra

Don’t be fooled by the Christmas decorations. Holiday season or not, it’s pretty common to have three generations of women present at once in the Baruch household. Kasandra Baruch, the middle child of

Eyewear Care & Maintenance

Eyewear care. How complicated could it be, right? The truth is, it isn’t complicated. But there are a few do’s and don’ts–and plenty of conflicting information online. So to clear things

Eric Trine

A self described object-based designer and commercial artist, Eric Trine, is in his own category. There are no hard and fast rules of form over function, or fun over form: his work exudes all simultaneously. There is

New Colorways

From the beginning of our company, we’ve approached the eyewear design process differently. How? We’ve always designed with our clients in mind versus the runway or an industry tradeshow. With that said, we are

Jami Curl / Quin

It is unmistakably clear that Jami Curl has a calling. And that calling, is candy.  Jami, founder of QUIN, has been concocting flavors for decades, first dreaming up ice cream


If you live in California then you’ll know summer hung around longer than usual and nothing resembling fall weather arrived until the first week of November. Now that it’s here,

Robert & Janelle

Looking closely at the delicate details and almost feminine features of All Roads‘ textile installations, you’d never imagine their tattooed creators riding motorcycles together across Philly’s Ben Franklin Bridge, throwing caution

Josef & Liz

When Josef Harris met Liz Gardner, they were strictly friends, co-workers at the same magazine in Minneapolis. Yet, when the magazine eventually closed its doors, they opened up to each other and

David Okum / Feltmark

felt • a sensation given by an object or material when touched mark • a level or stage that is considered significant Quietly tucked away in his Lincoln Heights workshop,

Introducing The Platte

The Platte. A brand new style inspired by mid century design–updated for everyday wear. Made in Japan, with subtle details found throughout the design.  

Sisilia & Josh

At David Kind we embrace the age-old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Introducing You’re My Kind, the newest installment on our blog.  We’re asking individuals

Introducing The Moline

The Moline. Our newest style in the collection—and she is beautiful. Chunky acetate styling with a soft-tumbled finish. Made in Japan with exceptional details.

Patented Lens Fitting

How important is measuring pupil distance (PD), or seg height for progressive lenses, or OC height when buying eyeglasses online? The short answer is: EXTREMELY. As any eye doctor will

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