How To Wear a Mask With Glasses

During this unprecedented time, we’ve been asked to make adjustments to our lifestyles —  some that are small and some that are more substantial. As millions in the United States,

Summer Eyewear Style Guide

Summer is in full swing — bringing with it higher temps, beach days and lighter wardrobes. Freshen up your summer eyewear style with new frames that are on trend for

Eyewear Glossary

The array of terms and “lingo” used by eyewear professionals and optometrists can be intimidating. With that in mind, we’ve organized a glossary of essential terms to lead you through

How David Kind is Different

At David Kind, we’ve always focused on quality — partnering with the best eyewear manufacturers in Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy and sourcing the most premium materials to bring our

Katie Leonard

Katie Leonard has an innate, and studied, ability to draw people together — through beautifully crafted events, conversations and spaces. Her craft, “community building,” is one that seems to be

How to choose the best eyeglasses?

First, what makes the best eyeglasses? Perhaps it’s the finest quality frame finishing and details? Possibly the most flattering fit? Potentially the clearest lenses? Let’s think of it like this: Is your

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